Welcome to our Tallercito

As we have mentioned before, all our pieces are handmade in our workshop in Barcelona.

Our workshop: or as we like to call it Tallercito (small workshop in Spanish); is a small but cozy space where we can sit for hours to play, create and try new designs, techniques, and even unexplored hobbies.

Tallercito is a space we share with some other female ceramic artists, and we have become like a small and diverse family where we support, help and trust each other. It has become a big source of female empowerment and inspiration for us (and hopefully for our space mates as well). It is located in the traditional and quiet part of the neighborhood of Sants in Barcelona, just 10 minutes walking from the metro/train/bus station.

Recently we did a small shooting in the workshop, to give you a better approach to all the processes and tools needed to develop our beautiful printed ceramic jewelry.

In this space besides work on our product development and sustainable production processes of our contemporary jewelry, we have always wanted to invite you all to have a closer look on how we create our pieces and even participate on their creation. Last year, we even tried to hold a small ceramic workshop with some of our clients but due to Covid it had to be cancelled.

But we are now more than ready to get on it again, so soon we will be doing our first ceramic workshop, so stay tuned and don’t miss any of it on our Instagram profile. And of course, if you ever want to come visits us, don’t hesitate to send us a DM or email.