Meet part of our team, Flor a small (in size) but important member of our team, that brings us joy and inspiration to our daily tasks and activities and flora and fauna to our daily inspirations.  

She is a small and unique, lovely dog who came into our lives in the summer this year, after random coincidences of life Flor was taken as a foster dog for just a couple of days. After the short but meaningful time we spent together we definitively decided it was love at first barf! And with her name a sign of destiny, of course!

She was able to join our team in a smooth and fast way, she loves nature and she’s the ideal co-worker for long periods of time, she loves to cuddle and will always greet you with happiness, now she’s exploring the modeling world and look how great she looks with our Mini Luna Beaded necklace.

Flor had a sad and lonely past, she came to Barcelona looking for more options to be adopted and given a second chance like many other dogs and cats. She was part of the dogs handled by Pelescapat, which is an animal association that works in Barcelona helping dogs and cats get a proper second chance with a lovely new family.

During her time with us, she has become a loyal companion for all our tasks, she comes with us to our ceramic workshop, to our office and she helps us deliver all the packages to the post office or even door to door deliveries for some of our clients.

Taking into account that one of our goals is to be able to be execute sustainable practices, we decided that all deliveries within Barcelona City with be handled by Flor, the world doesn’t need unnecessary CO2 emissions and both Flor and us could use the extra physical activity.

For us in Flora in Paradise, is important to support and promote women empowerment as well as the support and protection of fauna and flora; that’s why after interacting with an association like the one Flor came from, we are happy to widen our support causes to also animal protection centers.

If you are here in Barcelona city, we cannot wait to meet you delivering personally your new beautiful ceramic jewelry. And if you are not in Barcelona, don’t worry you can follow us on Instagram where we will keep on posting about her and the rest of the team.  

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