In Flora in Paradise, we are committed to fashion sustainability, and as we know we have a lot to learn and implement being conscious about how fashion is developing.

We are happy to share that every day there are more sustainable initiatives in the fashion industry. After the coronavirus crisis, the fashion consumer behavior has changed, there’s a big demand for sustainable fashion products. Consumers are more concerned about the how and the who of fashion production.

This has caused different reactions and proposals from brands and designers, like sustainable materials, practices like upcycling, and improvement of traditionally very contaminating processes like the production of denim.

We have chosen our favorite proposals to share here with you:


Is committed to their new mission called Mission1.5º, where they are economically supporting different causes for improving climate response and low-income population quality of life.

We love this type of commitment where they are besides supporting it is also creating awareness of climate change.

Stella McCartney & Marques Almeida

They have both announced and released their sustainability manifestos, called A to Z, and Environmental and social responsibility manifesto respectively.

They have both open their approaches to sustainability and the environmental impact their current actions have.

Gucci & Marni

Promoting a second life to past collections products it’s not an easy task, by implementing the upcycling of deadstock and promoting secondhand items these brands are creating a new meaning to sustainability.

After seeing all these different practices, we are more committed than ever to our causes, the sustainable production of our handmade printed ceramic jewelry, our ethical production, and relationship with all local suppliers, and our interest in supporting and empowering women in need with workshops, activities, and ONGs.

One of our handmade sustainable process