Pepa Beads and Stars Necklace


Sterling Silver necklace with a beaded ending, a ceramic beaded print piece, and small sterling silver stars. The ceramic pieces are handmade in our workshop in Barcelona with nature-inspired prints. All earrings are made of 18k gold plated sterling silver.

  • Weight: 3gr
  • Measures Ceramic beads: 2x2cm
  • Chain: 50cm
  • Print of choice
  • Material: Gold-plated sterling silver and ceramic
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Ceramic and prints made into jewelry, a mix between trends, fashion, and tradition.

Retaking the ceramic craftmanship in collections inspired by the fauna and flora endangered by climate change. Each of our pieces is made by hand and unique is the reflection of product design, technique experimentation, and sustainability. Flora is the statement of the empowered fashion lover women.

From our workshop in Barcelona, we have created a collection of unique and limited pieces, based on product development, close work with our suppliers, experimentation with techniques, materials, and finishes, and the implementation of an ethical and as sustainable as possible production process.

Our packaging is designed in 100% plantable paper made in Barcelona, with a dry stamp to avoid any kind of chemicals during the printing. Each of our boxes has been designed for maximum protection of our pieces during transportation from our workshop to our clients. Once you have received our product you can plant the paper and you see how a beautiful plant will grow. We will send you all the details on how to do the process and elements to take into account.

Print Bead 1

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