Conscious buying and support for small businesses 

If we want to understand what we are going to talk about, we will start by contextualizing the origin of Black Friday, a tradition that began in the United States in the 1960s as an analogy to the streets and stores full of people caused by the Thanksgiving sales.¬† This tradition became popular all over the world and denotes the end of the red numbers in stores, the beginning of Christmas, the gifts, the shopping. Right now we have our email inboxes full of offers, our social networks just reminding us that the day is about to come, we know we need something but we prefer to wait until Black Friday to buy because we think we can save some money or receive discount vouchers. Other times we just end up buying things we don’t need in the end.¬†

We are fashion and accessory lovers, every year we would go to the stores of Paseo de Gracia taking advantage of the sales, happy to have found a half price sweater, or the seasonal Vichy coat for 20 euros. But today we think differently, we are faithful to our principles and have changed our habits. We buy when we really need something or when we want to replace a garment that we loved and that we always want to have in our closet. We try to buy from other designers, colleagues, friends, local stores, brands that promote sustainable and ethical values with the environment and society. We know that in our hands is to generate changes with a simple decision, a thoughtful and meditated purchase.

But in the midst of this 2020 so surprising, from Flora we have made a stop on the road and decided to give a turn to Black Friday and turn it into a date that will allow our customers to make a slow fashion purchase, thought and especially aware as the prices of our products are fair.

We believe that it should be a day for them to place their orders in anticipation of Christmas and that it should allow us to produce only what we sell. So you can buy our ceramic jewelry and give online gifts to special people at Christmas. Follow us on Instagram to see the latest news we will be launching next week and our conscious Black Friday. In the meantime you can make your wish list here