We believe that the important thing is the details, in giving importance to the unexpected things, to the objects with meaning; to the real and sustainable fashion, thought for women that want to generate change., We love the catwalk, the fashion, the Vogue magazine with its fashion news. We get inspired by El Museo del Prado with its exquisite floral still lifes paintings, design spaces such as Palo Alto Market, and illustrations like Rosie McGuinness with their modern and floral women, but above all, we love textile print design and that is why we have decided to move from fabric to ceramic in fashionable earrings with fun collections, inspired by flowers and nature that come to life from those inspirations.

One of our inspirations

We make hand-illustrated and digitized drawings with touches of trends, fashion, runways, and catwalks. Each of the pieces, unique, authentic, handmade, with gold-plated fine silver findings and very light, is a versatile proposal that complements our identity.

Our collection Tributo Amazónico comprises a series of 4 modern floral prints that can be chosen at the time of purchase, starting with Lusitania, Amazonian shapes and vegetation, wild and in a deep blue, classic and unexpected. Our favorite print, Amazonico with a touch of animal print inspired by the fur of the felines and snakes of the Colombian Amazon combined with the light and fluid forms of the rivers and natural springs that abound there. In this design, we pay tribute to what we lose every day due to climate change. Very warm and spring-like is the Clavel print, a classic, simple and contemporary design. And finally, our monochrome Orquidea, a simple and spontaneous graphic, easy to combine. Each of the prints is available to apply to any of our references, from our hoop earrings, statement earrings, small stud-like earrings, and hanging earrings like the Olivia. All our earrings findings are made of sterling silver, with an 18-carat gold bath to avoid allergies or discomfort.

Our Olivia earrings in Lusitania Print

In Flora in Paradise we are faithful to our values, we believe that changes in the closet are necessary but we must start to make them more simple, sustainable, and creative to give an important place to the earrings as the main character of our outstanding looks!