About us, Flora in Paradise, prints made jewelry

We are Laura and Angela, the creators of Flora in Paradise, a brand of handmade printed ceramic jewelry born from a deep connection with pottery, family artistic influence, fashion saw from sustainability, respect for nature, and textile prints adapted to objects.

Friends and founders of Flora in Paradise

Our story begins in 2019 with that need to have our own project, we had things in common, Colombians, deeply in love with our country, with entrepreneurial roots, fashion lovers but always with a serious concern for conscious consumption, environmental sustainability, climate change, and ethical fashion. From one moment to the next we began to ask ourselves questions, to question our consumption habits, to consume locally, to follow accounts on Instagram that promoted a healthy, balanced life and we began to consider the idea of joining efforts and start a new business that would allow us to create products. We have been living in Barcelona for several years now, and we always thought about doing something that would connect with those values that we admired so much about the brands and creators that inspired and influenced us in Instagram, in the design markets, in the exhibitions, museums and creative spaces that you find while walking around Barcelona. We knew that we were doing our job well in advising other businesses to get ahead with their business, we knew how to come up with an idea from scratch with creative methodologies, we knew how to design prints for big brands and we were sure that it was the right time to connect our experience to something own, new and renewed.

At that time Laura as a fashion marketing consultant and teacher at the IED and I, Angela, a textile product and graphic designer at a supplier of Inditex, started the creative process from scratch with the aim of designing limited collections of original earrings, and fine jewelry with the prints as the protagonists and agreed to be the statement of an empowered female. The weekends became our escape from the day-to-day life, we were both kneading the clay, recycling each piece that did not meet our expectations, making renders, experimenting with shapes, colors, finishes, with special attention to detail, focusing on designing handmade prints, framed in the trends, but taking care that they were timeless.

Drying process of our pieces

 The process of ceramics tests our creativity, our patience because it takes time, from the preparation of the clay, to make it soft and malleable, the modeling, the glazing, the firings, many times without knowing what we will find when we open the oven after 7 hours at 1100 degrees centigrade. At the same time, we were looking for ways to recycle those pieces that did not meet our expectations, something that in the end ended up being one of the main values. Little by little, we were constantly building the brand, the logo, and those values that we wanted to transmit. It took 8 months of product development, between long earrings, statement earrings, stud earrings, hoop earrings, and many details, we have been product designers, artists, craftswomen, commercials, content developers, photographers, make-up artists, engineers, web designers, We have been in confinement that in the middle of everything allowed us to dedicate more time to the development and above all to launch the Kickstarter campaign that allowed us to launch our first collection Tributo Amazónico, to have our workshop in the Sants neighborhood in Barcelona and to start the incubation process in the Viver Elisava Alumni, a project promoted by ELISAVA, Escuela Universitaria de Diseño e Ingeniería in the Almogavers Business Factory building of Barcelona Activa.

Our showroom in Barcelona

Right now we have our showroom in the Almogavers building with the illusion of launching new collections, making collaborations with designers and artists, and following our production process in an ethical and as sustainable as possible way. We are preparing the workshop for Christmas, a limited stock that we produce under order, with the idea of giving an original gift, which takes time, a local and sustainable product.