Names that inspire us

Today women have achieved an important and outstanding place in society, all over the world, in some way we are leaders, entrepreneurs, bosses, mothers, empowered, self-sufficient, and capable of doing everything we set out to do, that is how for Flora in Paradise, those women are the muse of inspiration for our pieces and that is why when we baptize them we use women’s names. Naming our ceramic jewelry pieces after women is a way of paying homage to who we are, empowering ourselves even more, and redefining ourselves as who we are.   

It is important for us to share with you the story of each name and each ceramic earring:  

The first one, Marina stud, is a basic earring, simple but with a contemporary touch, a geometrical shape cut in a way that denotes the ease of adaptation and the vision towards the future that we have. Marina stud ceramic earrings, inspired by a Brazilian woman, completely astounding, and strong that where she goes she is able to make the person in front of her smile.  

Lola Hoopis a delicate and fine ceramic earring, an original earringwhich is the protagonist of any basic look. Lola, is an empowered woman, leader, and entrepreneur, faces her dreams with constancy and optimism. 

Olivia Dropdelicate earrings inspired by an excitedenthusiastic woman who does everything with passion.

Cleoearrings inspired by the femininity and delicacy of a spirited and creative womanable to follow her instincts and achieve what she sets out to do. 

Luna Stud ceramic earrings are a delicatelightweight, and basic shape. Luna, a dreamy, and enigmatic womanwho empowers other women. 

Sophie, are delicate statement earringsmade to shine and be the protagonist in any of your looks. Sophie is a charismatic womanpassionate, and full of energy who does not give up and seeks to lead whenever she can. Her perseverance and dedication to everything she does empower her more and more every day.   

Our line of ceramic earrings are delicate, unique, and original, inspired by those women, real, that we face every day in that tireless struggle to achieve everything we set out to do.   


Which of these women do you identify with? 

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