Christmas Gifts

Getting the right gift for Christmas for any of us is not always an easy task, especially when we are looking for a meaningful gift. Today we can say that we have everything at a click or a follow but behind this arise questions, concerns and desire to make this Christmas 2020 something different, to think a little more and go in search of more sustainable and ethical brands with the environment, socially responsible and capable of generating important changes. The new reality that Covid leaves us has led us to explore new ways of interacting with our favorite brands and makes us think seriously about the idea of responsible shopping that supports small businesses and local entrepreneurs. 

Orquidea Lola EarringĀ 

If you are thinking of giving original, handmade earrings that tell stories and are produced in an ethical, slow fashion and sustainable way. We have a varied collection of comfortable and safe earrings that are part of the statment of a sophisticated woman, who loves art, culture, design and feminine details. We have launched our ecommerce with shipments worldwide and you can buy our printed ceramic earrings as gifts easily, with a presale that allows us to produce only what we sell, maintaining a controlled and limited production.

We have recently launched the Luna and Mini luna that complement our Amazon tribute collection and are available in 4 different prints.

MiniLuna Stud Earrings with Orquidea Print

All the earrings in our collection are incredible, but we always have to say that there are some models that are our favorites for many reasons, so here are our top 5 favorite earrings ideal for gifts:

  1. Orquidea Marina Stud Earrings
  2. Lusitania Olivia Drop Earrings
  3. Clavel Lola Hoop Earrings