It has been more than one year since we decided to start producing handmade ceramic jewelry, more specifically ceramic earrings. After a lot of experimentation with materials, techniques, and tools we finally developed our own methodology for creating these beautiful handmade earrings for women.

One of our mood boards on Pinterest

Our process starts with the product design, sketches, and drawings for shapes. We create a lot of inspiration mood boards on Pinterest, getting inspiration from different elements like nature, animals, flowers, plants, artists, and illustrators among others. Once we have an idea in our minds we start shaping and playing with the clay.

It can take up to 7 days between the moment we start with our handmade processes and when our ceramic printed earrings are finished with their gold-plated findings. First, we start with raw clay; we need to make it softer by hand, so it is easier to work with. We create a thin clay sheet where we will be modeling all our pieces.

Our handmade process and tools

Once we have our earrings pieces cut, we make sure they have a proper shape, thickness, and finishing. This will depend if they are going to be some stud earrings, hoop earrings, or drop earrings. In this process, we do not create any waste as the clay that is not used goes directly to its original form ready for the next time.

Once pieces are dry, they go for the first kiln. Each kiln burnt takes usually a day while the temperature goes up and down and we can open the kiln again. As we already mentioned it is a slow process, that’s why we call it slow fashion.

When they are completely dry, we will put the glaze on the pieces, as we love the original color of raw clay, we usually just put some shiny glaze for our statement jewelry. After the glaze, they go once again to the kiln.

Glazing process of our pieces

For creating contemporary ceramic jewelry, our prints are a differentiative factor as we illustrate our own designs and put them into our handmade pieces. All our prints are inspired by nature and have a special meaning and message behind them.

For the final process, we choose high-quality findings and closings for our fashion earrings, making them comfortable and long-lasting.

Our Eva Earrings in Amazonico Print

In this long but fun experimentation journey, we couldn’t have made it without the support of our local suppliers who helped us and guided us to achieve our unique methodology for bringing you this unique handmade jewelry.

If you want to learn more about our production process, on our Instagram we have videos and pictures dedicated to our process.