Gifts with a meaning for a different Christmas

This year 2020, which is about to end, leaves us with one of the greatest adventures, we have undertaken a new business with clear ideas focused on designing and producing ceramic earrings with a sustainable approach that promotes ethical buying habits in the midst of a time that forces us to rethink many things and why not, it is an opportunity to start over. That new start is reflected in our handmade earrings, taking up the craft of ceramics reflected in a product that is the ideal complement to our basic winter looks and Christmas look. 

If you are looking for gifts with a meaning, that promote new ways of buying and support the local design you will be able to find a variety of earrings in our web, we have from hoop earrings, long earrings, mole earrings and very soon we will launch a collection of necklaces that will be a more minimal option to surprise your friends, your mother or to give yourself an original accessory.


We have a series of recommendations for earrings that you can buy online on our website. We believe that earrings are always an ideal gift that will always give you something to talk about this Christmas!

We start with stud earrings, a minimal option for basic looks:

Moon Earrings and Mini-moon Earrings: You will find them in 4 different prints, Lusitania, Amazon, Orchid and Carnation. They are light and comfortable, very resistant and a detail that complements a basic look.

And if you’ve wondered how you might combine them, we have some very basic look ideas that never go unnoticed!

Marina earrings: An original and very light design that you can customize with your favourite print

We’re a fan of brown and cream this winter 2020, and we think the Marina earrings are an ideal earring for the following looks:

Another of our favourites to give are the long Olivia earrings, which are so beautiful and light that you will be surprised with this detail.

Our earrings are an original gift that requires taste and style to wear. We will be sharing ideas of combinations and sustainable brands of cool clothes!