Welcome to flora in paradise


Ceramic and prints made into jewelry, a mix between trends, fashion, and tradition.

Flora in Paradise was founded by Laura and Angela, Colombian friends who met in Barcelona 4 years ago and have carried out several innovation and sustainability projects. In October 2019, after an afternoon of wine, they decided to found Flora in Paradise, a venture that has materialized through experimentation with the technique, collaborating with suppliers and developing a sustainable production process. From our workshop in Barcelona we materialize our collections from start to finish.

Everything we do within Flora in Paradise is based in our core values; discovering and reclaiming the fauna and flora; assuring local, honest and sustainable practices from design to distribution; support, promote, and empower women as creators, partners and muses; and a distinctive ceramic products in shape, and prints.

All our pieces are handmade in our workshop in Barcelona, where we also have close contact with all our main suppliers. Every single piece from our collections are hand modelled to assure the highest quality of the pieces. In everything we do always try to be as sustainable as possible; we recycle all our clay and we do not generate any waste from our materials, our packaging is 100% plantable and in every collection we choose a different association to which we donate 10% of our sales.