Ceramic jewelry that deserves the best packaging

The important thing is what goes inside but preserving and making our products reach our customers well is also a priority; and today we want to introduce you to our new and improved packaging, because it is important to us that you know how we take every step in this process of undertaking, how we want our customers to feel every day that we are a brand that generates confidence and speaks the truth.

When Flora in Paradise was born, a little more than a year ago, every step was taken maintaining the main values that represent us as a brand, the loyalty to what we are has led us to seek alternatives and more sustainable solutions, we have focused on the details and that is why we started designing our own packaging that kept each of the earrings in ceramic safely and also was a plantable paper made in Barcelona that allowed us to generate an interesting experience for our customers, what better than being able to see the birth of a little plant from a sheet of paper? But little by little, as the orders for our first Kickstarter were coming in, we found that the packaging was folding and not resisting enough in the shipments, we didn’t want the handmade earrings, slowly and with much love, to break in a long and complicated journey, so true to our values we decided to find a packaging that would maintain those properties of sustainability, made with environmentally friendly and ecological materials. After a long search we found a supplier that allowed us to make few units and that shared these slow fashion values.

A couple of months ago we launched our new packaging containing it:

An individual box where come fashion earrings and necklaces in print ceramic, no matter if you bought some hoop earrings, stud earrings, drop earrings, large hoop earrings, small hoop earrigns or some necklace, we have the perfect size for all to fit perfectly and stay safe during the shipments of the online gifts you make this Christmas. 

Each of our ceramic earrings and necklaces comes in an eco-friendly fabric bag that you can use to store and preserve your jewelry for longer and prevent it from getting mixed up with other accessories that could break the ceramic. 

To make our shipments outside of Barcelona safer we have an additional simple shipping box that ensures that everything will arrive safely at its destination and to its new owner.

Contemporary ceramic jewelry deserves a beautiful packaging, care and resistance, we believe that the difference is in the details.

Our new collection of necklaces is now available, and for Christmas gifts we want you to give special objects that tell stories and remind us that every day is an opportunity to reevaluate who we are.