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Ceramic Jewelry

From our workshop in Barcelona we design and produce earrings and necklaces in printed ceramic inspired by nature and woman empowerment. Our jewelry are handmade through a sustainable, slow production process with a social purpose. Our pieces are unique and timeless so you can customize our earrings and ceramic necklaces with the print paradise of your choice from our Amazon Tribute collection.

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Discover our story, inspiration, and production processes

Our Bouquet of Ceramic Pieces


We are more than jewelry, we are handcrafts with a blossoming statement 


Our process begins with the creation of unique pieces, they are the statement of a woman who values products made slowly, consciously, and sustainably. Handmade Earrings collection with different types of earrings like a hoop, Statement, Stud, and Drop. Choose your favorite print, and carry nature with you. 

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We are more than jewelry, we are handcraftship with a blossoming statement 

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Light and detailed, for everyday use

Everything we do within Flora in Paradise is based on our belief that an accessory that has a message and a story to tell is something valuable, something to carry with care and pride. Beautiful necklaces with a simple and useful design for you to wear every day; choose your favorite print to match any of your outfits.
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about us and our values


Designing, producing, and selling sustainably defines us as a brand. We are committed to sustainability in fashion, researching and learning from industry best practices. From supporting NGOs to recycled materials, we want to make sure we are part of the sustainable revolution.

The names behind our pieces  

Each of our printed ceramic pieces of jewelry; earrings and necklaces; have been named after some inspiring women.  Discover these women and their personalities behind our contemporary jewelry pieces, what they mean for us and how they inspire us.

Flower Inspired

Flowers and nature as prints 

Patterned jewelry, which takes accessories to a new level in fashion. Why not wear prints on jewelry? Wear an element that defines a basic look that defines us and transmits sensations. From the design of textile patterns to a message through statement jewelry. 

Our Barcelona ceramic workshop

All our ceramic jewelry pieces are made in our workshop Tallercito. A small, cozy, and colorful space where we get inspired, create and also teach how we do our pieces. Discover more about our workshop, and if you are interested in a workshop just let us know.


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